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Ho-Bao Hyper 7 TQ Sport RTR


Ho-Bao Hyper 7 TQ Sport RTR



Devido a ruptura de stock do modelo anterior, decidi optar por outro carro de caracteristicas idênticas:


Ho-Bao Hyper 7 TQ Sport RTR


Recognised as the UK’s most popular 1/8th off road buggy the RTR Hyper 7 has received a new facelift to commemorate HoBao’s TQ at last years IFMAR World Championships.
The TQ Sport RTR now features upgrades such as front and rear chassis torque rods, front universal driveshafts, twin brake discs, 3.5mm thick shock shafts and laydown airfilter. Of course all this is ontop of the factory pre-assembled chassis with HoBao/Futaba radio, Hyper 21 4-port engine, mounted wheels and tyres and the awesome finish of the pre-painted flame bodyshells.
Complete Spec:

  • Fully assembled with 2-channel radio
  • Hyper 21 4-port pull start engine
  • Twin Brake discs
  • Custom Pre-painted bodyshell
  • Pre-glued tyres on Spilt spoke wheels
  • Front and rear chassis braces
  • 3-shoe clutch
  • Laydown airfilter
  • Hard anodised chassis with side skirts
  • 3.5mm Shock shafts
  • New gun metal anodising
  • Rear anti-roll bar
  • Front universal driveshafts
  • Full range of racing options



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  1. hyper 8.5 pro kit is the best

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